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Steve Freight

Kev Rowland


And you thought there was no such thing as genuinely underground publishing?


Gonzo Books is part of the Gonzo Multimedia family which also publishes records and DVDs,  and has a fortnightly magazine (confusingly entitled Gonzo Weekly), a dedicated YouTube channel and a varied and eclectic internet radio station.

Gonzo first met the world a decade ago in October 2010, with the first exclusive being Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman's debut release as a duo "The Living Tree". 


Gonzo Multimedia brings you a wide variety of products from a number of renowned artists and record labels, largely spanning rock and pop music from the '60s to today, and the Gonzo catalogue includes 100% exclusive products that are unavailable elsewhere.

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WARNING: This website is in its very early stages of construction so, if you find that a link is broken, do try to be zen about it and have a haiku on the subject...

"These links do not work,

now but they will do so soon,

we apologise"


We hope that everything will be ship shape and Bristol fashion soon...logise"

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