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Porcupine Tree is an enigma. How do you categorise them?


Over 14 issues of Voyage35, I tried to seek out and define them. Just as I thought we, the fans, had it nailed, then Steven Wilson promptly changed styles or threw us a curveball. Unfortunately for some, the changes were too drastic and had moved too far from the origins of the band (or Steven's highly acclaimed bedroom tapes), whilst others, particularly from the US, embraced the new style.


Having seen Voyage35's selling for some quite exorbitant sums on E-bay recently I thought it time to revisit the pages of the Fanzines and consolidate those articles that formed the essence of each issue. I have decided not to include every word ever printed within those pages, as some are musings, some short stories that give no insight into the band, and reviews of other albums that may or may not have appealed to fans at the time (mostly label mates of the band). I have also left out the reviews of the Band's albums themselves, as these were either my personal views or copied from other publications. Here then is a selection of articles and interviews that will hopefully give context to the history of the band and supplements Rich Wilson's book, giving a fuller account of the band's past. Where appropriate I have made updated comments on some of these articles (in italics and dated).

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