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Today's headlines and tomorrow's.  

Two boyhood friends, an Arab and a Jew from Iraq grow up to become deadly enemies living, loving and fighting across the globe.

Beginning their journey as Ehud and Moiz, the new world gives them westernized names, Eddie and Mo.  They grow up to be secretly radicalized warriors, each convinced they are right and that any means are justified in order to achieve victory. 

Can their brotherly love survive a never-ending war? Is the love these two boys once enjoyed more enduring than their hate against impossible odds?

The story climaxes when Israel's famed security service, Mossad, discovers where Iraq's weapons of mass destructiona are hidden scratched on the bottom of an ancient table. A frantic race ensues to discover the weapons.

Against a background of societies collapsing into anarchy, are the two men, now implacable enemies, once blood brothers, Eddie and Mo.  Whoever wins their private war will inherit the world.

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