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The musical achievements of The Beatles are well chronicled but their ability to generate myths and legends is a lesser known area of Beatlemania. By turns the legends and stories told about the Fab Four are bizarre, downright scary, incredible and - occasionally - true. For the first time this book collects stories about all four Beatles, devoting a chapter to each, before exploring those strange stories that relate to the whole band. This is an explosion of creative delights that proves Beatle fans are every bit as imaginative and out there as the four creative talents who made up the band. In this blitzkrieg of brainstorms truth may be the ultimate casualty but it's a hell of a ride as we ask questions like; who really killed John Lennon?, what role did a couple of stray Rolling Stones play in the "death" of Paul McCartney?, how could an imposter have replaced George in 1974? and why the hell did someone want to kill Ringo in 1964? We also present the best evidence the band covertly reformed in the 1970s, and explore the greatest hits of a handful of works that may, possibly, be unheralded Beatle rarities. Neil Nixon is your guide on a magical mystery tour. With a track record of publications on rock music, the paranormal and humour that pushes the very limits of where strangeness and comedy collide, he is well qualified for the job. Join him for the strangest and most illuminating musical read of your life.

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